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Reidsville is nestled in the heart of Rockingham County, known as North Carolina's "North Star." marketopeningWe like to think Reidsville is one of the County's "brightest points." For a small town and a rural county, there is always something to see, do or enjoy here. The area is rich in history, filled with historical homes as well as The Penn House and the Governor Reid House.    

The addition of Market Square to the downtown landscape has brought a variety of cultural offerings to Reidsville. The park, which includes an amphitheatre, not only hosts the Farmers Market but also is the site of musical concerts and events throughout the spring and summer. Market Square is fast becoming the "hub" of Reidsville. The City provides many free events at the downtown park, along with paid concerts that run the gamut of musical interests. Market Square is also a focal point of the Fall Jubilee celebration in October!

Market Square is just one of many parks located throughout the City. A network of neighborhood parks and ballfields provide fun and relaxation to our residents and visitors. Reidsville has been blessed with two water sources, picturesque Lake Reidsville and rustic Lake Hunt. Lake Reidsville offers camping, fishing and skiing to its patrons, along with a challenging Disc Golf course, Lake's Edge. Lake Hunt allows its visitors to sample the advantages of a more rustic setting.

Recreation doesn't end there. Reidsville is known for its strong athletic offerings at the newly renovated Jaycee Park as well as Lowe's and Booster ball fields. Come enjoy a warm summer night watching a Pony League baseball game or an adult softball game. During the basketball season, games are played at the Parks & Recreation's gymnasium. Football games can be found on the local school ballfields or at Jaycee Park.

Greenway trails provide an opportunity to enjoy nature while getting in some exercise. In addition to the greenways, there is a downtown walking route as well as a trail at Lake Reidsville. We encourage you to put on your tennis shoes and enjoy the sunshine!

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