Live Simply. Think Big.

"Live Simply. Think Big." is the City of Reidsville's motto, but what does it mean? We are a City bred in the "company town" mentality where tobacco reigned supreme. At one time, the town's very existence centered around the railroad and our largest employer, AA welcome sign into the City of Reidsville.merican Tobacco Company, and we remain grateful for the growth and prosperity that both gave to our fair City. But just as both of these industries have stagnated over the years, Reidsville was stagnating as well, trying to find its identity..

City Leaders understood that to survive and thrive we had to break free from the manufacturing industry to which we were so accustomed. They knew that our economy needed to diversify, seeking several small- to medium-sized industries to help rebuild our community so that we would never rely so heavily on one employer again. Due to their foresight, Reidsville now has a premiere industrial park and a revitalized downtown. Much money has been spent downtown because it is the "face" of our small community. These efforts have led to the emergence of a growing arts community in Reidsville, which is reflective of the talent that can be found throughout Rockingham County. The addition of Market Square to the downtown landscape has given Reidsville residents a place to gather and enjoy a variety of outings, from concerts to movie nights to special eThe All-America City logovents.

The recognition that came from Reidsville receiving the coveted "All-America City" award in 2008 has helped the City shine, showcasing Reidsville not only to visitors but also to its residents. It has reminded us all that, while not perfect, Reidsville is a caring community that takes care of its own. This was reflected in the service projects and organizations that helped Reidsville win the prestigious award.

So, in Reidsville, we live simply. We have not been swallowed up by the larger cities nearby. We have retained the small-town, unique personna that reminds us all why we love our town. Yet, we are no longer living in the past but continue to look toward the future. We are constantly seeking ways to improve Reidsville for our residents. We are "thinking big" without losing our small-town atmosphere.

And that is why Reidsville will continue to grow and prosper. Because we are Reidsville. We are proud. We love the town where we "Live Simply" and "Think Big." Come join us! 

If you are interested in economic development possibilities in the City of Reidsville, contact Jeff Garstka, the City's Economic Development Director at or at 336-347-2307.

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