Walking Around Reidsville

One of the best forms of exercise is simply ... WALKING! The City of Reidsville providesReidsville Greenway Trail its residents with 1.3 miles of walking trails as part of our Greenways system. Reidsville's Jaycee Park Trail is a 1.1-mile path connecting Reidsville Middle and High Schools on South Park Drive with the Jaycee Park recreation area. The Jaycee Trail Extension connects the ballpark to the lower Jaycee Park on South Scales Street. The Sherwood Trail has also been completed, but it doesn't stop there. At Lake Reidsville, there is a Hiking/Biking Trail to enjoy.

If you love historic buildings, you can take a walking tour prepared by the City's Historic Preservation Commission. A brochure is available both online or on the second floor of Reidsville City Hall, 230 W. Morehead Street, which provides a brief historical synopsis on the houses on the walking tour.

If you prefer the downtown area of Reidsville, the Reidsville Downtown Corporation and City of Reidsville have compiled a walking tour of the sights and attractions of the downtown area. Again, copies of the brochure are available online or at City Hall, 230 W. Morehead Street. Also, check out this downtown scavenger hunt!