Monthly Eden's Own Journal Articles

As part of her Public Information Officer duties, City Clerk Angela G. Stadler has started writing columns for Eden's Own Journal under the title "Roaming Around Reidsville." Stadler usually gives an update on a main topic and then adds a list of events happening around the City which may be of interest to both residents and visitors. Her inaugural column was made available in March of 2018.

March 2018 Column
"Roam Reidsville' QR Video Tour

April 2018 Column
Downtown Parking

May 2018 Column
Making Plans for Donated Land at Lake Reidsville

June 2018 Column
Economic Development in the City

July 2018 Column
"Reside in Reidsville" Program for New Residents

August 2018 Column
Parks Improvements & Amenities

September 2018 Column
Project DREAM in Reidsville's Downtown

October 2018 Column
Fall Jubilee in Downtown Reidsville

November 2018 Column
Holiday Happenings

December 2018 Column
Reidsville's Giving Organizations

January 2019 Column
Team Reidsville

February 2019 Column
Retiring in Reidsville

March 2019 Column
Team Reidsville Training Camp

April 2019 Column
Adult Sports Leagues

May 2019 Column
New & Continuing Events in May

June 2019 Column
Lake Reidsville

July 2019 Column
Independence Day Celebration

August 2019 Column
Increasing Rec League Participation

September 2019 Column
Moss Street Partnership School & More

October 2019 Column
I-785 Gains Funding