Streetlight Outages

Citizens can report light outages on both public and private property by going to the Duke Energy website, Type in the address nearest to the light pole. Once the map is displayed, click on the appropriate light pole. Only publc light poles will be displayed; however, if you want to report a light outage on private property, hover over the correct address, and you should be able to report the problem. If no problems have been reported, click on the "Report a Problem" button and fill out the necessary request.

To report a streetlight outage on public property within the City limits of Reidsville, citizens can also call the City Manager's Office at City Hall, 336-349-1030.

The Deputy City Clerk is in charge of this procedure for the City. Once she learns of the outage, the Deputy Clerk uses Duke Energy's online system to report City streetlight outages. Duke Energy informs us that if it is a standard light outage, the company should be able to correct the situation within three business days

There is a current moratorium on adding new streetlights throughout the City due to budgetary constraints.