Zoning Ordinance

The City of Reidsville's Zoning Ordinance is designed to encourage the protection and development of the various physical elements of the City and its Extraterritorial Planning Jurisdiction (ETJ).   The City has prepared a comprehensive plan of land use and population density to promote public health, safety, community accepted standards of morals and general welfare.  This has been done to promote orderly growth, expansion and development of the City and surrounding areas, to lessen congestion in the roads and streets, to provide adequate light and air, to secure the safety of the public from fire, panic and other dangers, to prevent the overcrowding of land and to facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, school, parks and other public requirements.

This Zoning Ordinance is updated as time allows, to
verify all amendments have been inserted, contact the
Community Development Department at 336-349-1065.


Title Page

Table of Contents

Article I - Purpose, Authority, Jurisdiction

Article II - Definitions

Article III - General Provisions

Article IV - Establishment of Districts

Article V - District Regulations

                Section 1. Conditional Use District

                Section 2. Table of Permitted Uses

                Section 3. Special Uses

                Section 4. Table of Area, Yard, Height Requirements

Article VI - Historic District Regulations

Article VII - Signs

Article VIII - Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading Requirements

Article IX - Nonconforming Situations

Article X - Board of Adjustment

Article XI - Changes and Amendments

Article XII - Administration

Article XIII - Enforcement, Penalties

Article XIV - Water Supply Watershed Protection (Troublesome Creek Watershed)

Article XV - Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Siting Regulations

Article XVI - Riparian Buffer Protection Ordinance for Lands within the Jordan Lake Watershed

Article XVII - Illicit Discharges and Connections