Departmental History

old fire truckThe City of Reidsville Fire Department was established in 1886.  The first fire station was on West Morehead Street between South Scales and Market streets. Later on the department moved across the street into another building housing only the fire department.  In 1970 a new station was built at 402 South Scales Street, which remains departmental headquarters. 

Fire Station No. 1 still houses the first motorized truck, a 1919 American LaFrance.  This truck did not have a tank but instead relied solely on the City’s hydrant water system.  Once hooked to the hydrant, this truck had the capability to pump 750 gallons of water per minute. 

The department has now expanded to three stations, adding Fire Station No. 2 at 1826 Barnes Street and Fire Station No. 3 at 2800 Reid School Road. 

In the beginning, the Fire Department's only service for our citizens was extinguishing the many fires that may happen on a daily basis.  Over the years we have learned more about fires and how to prevent them from occurring.  Through fire prevention programs and the development of national fire codes, the number of fires has drastically been reduced over the years. 

The Reidsville Fire Department now provides a wider range of services, including emergency medical services, rescue services and non-emergency services.

First Fire StationFire Station on Morehead Street