Reidsville Fire Department

"Our Mission"

Providing the highest professional level of life and property safety through public fire education, inspection, code enforcement services and fire-incident control.

 New City-Fire Patch

Fire Station No. 1

402 S. Scales Street
Reidsville, NC 27320
(336) 349-1024 (Non-Emergency Dispatch)
911 (Emergency Calls Only) 



The Reidsville Fire Department operates three fire stations within the City. The headquarters, Fire Station #1, is located at 402 South Scales Street while Fire Station #2 is at 1826 Barnes Street (336-634-3056)  and Fire Station #3 is at 2800 Reid School Road (336-634-3200).

The stations and 27 fire personnel are under the supervision of Fire Chief David Bracken. Working with the Fire Chief are the Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal, Administrative Captain, one daytime training position, and 24 shift personnel.  Shift personnel work on a schedule of 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off.  The three shifts (A, B, and C) include eight personnel per shift.  We have 3 stations with 2 personnel at each station and a shift Battalion Chief at our main Station One. 

In addition to full-time personnel, the Fire Department has “call” firefighters.  These individuals are certified firemen who only respond to calls when additional manpower is needed.  At this time the City has 15 Call Firefighters.

In addition to fire-related and medical calls, the department conducts inspections as specified by the State Fire Prevention Code. Firefighters also provide fire education, including station tours, to the local schools and community groups, such as Scouts, Church Schools, Daycares, etc.

In 2019, City firefighters responded to a total of 1,927 calls for service. The average response time was less than five (5) minutes.

In addition to a rich departmental history, the Reidsville Fire Department also offers several services, such as blood pressure checks, child safety seat checks, etc. Firefighters can often be found in the schools teaching fire safety. A popular piece of their fire equipment is a fire safety trailer, which simulates smoke and serves as a teaching tool to teach young people how to safely exit a home or building.

Fire Station #1
Fire Station 2 

Fire Station No. 3
 Fire Station No. 1  Fire Station No. 2  Fire Station No. 3
 402 S. Scales Street  1826 Barnes Street  2800 Reid School Road