Lake Hunt

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551 Ironworks Road

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For many years, Lake Hunt has been owned by the City of Reidsville but leased out to operators who have made it available on a membership basis. In 2011, City leaders decided staff would take over responsibilities at Lake Hunt. Overseen by the City's Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, Lake Hunt is open to visitors through season passes.

Season Passes (2018 Rates)
Season passes may be purchased at the Camp Store at Lake Reidsville during business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.).  The prices are as follows:

 Rates  Lake Hunt Pass  Combo Pass
 Resident  $60 No
 Non-Resident  $95 Longer
 Senior Resident*  $10 Available
 SeniorNon-Resident*   $65  

*Must provide proof of age (65 years or older).  Proof of disability receives an additional $20 off of all rates except Senior resident.

Monthly Boat Slip Rentals
Lake Hunt also offers monthly boat slip rentals.  Boat slips are $30 per month for residents and $45 per month for non-residents. 

Shelter Rentals
Shelter rentals can be rented for half a day or all day.  Half-day rentals consist of two options:  1) 10 a.m.-3 p.m.;  2) 3:30 p.m. to Dark.  Non-pass holders will be required to pay a $15 deposit for the key to the gate, which will be refunded once the key is returned.  The shelter rental prices are as follows:

 Rates 1/2 Day  Full Day 
 Resident  $35 $65 
 Non-Resident  $50 $80 


For more information or details about season passes, contact staff at Lake Reidsville, 336-349-4738.