Neighborhood Parks and Recreation Facilities at Local Schools

Nine parks are located throughout the City of Redistilled for the enjoyment of our citizens. To reserve any of the picnic shelters or ball fields, call the Parks & Recreation Department at 336-349-1090.

In addition, you are able to utilize the playground and walking/jogging tracks at the local elementary, middle and high schools.  The facilities are listed in the section after the neighborhood parks.

Map of City Facilities 

Barnes Street Park
1102 Barnes Street  DIRECTIONS
Barnes Street0barnesst
Features a main play unit.

Cambridge Park
1401 Windsor Court  DIRECTIONS
0playground_cambridgeCambridge One
Features a main play unit, two full basketball courts, two shelters with grills and a small walking trail around the park area.

Courtland Park
1200 Courtland Avenue  DIRECTIONS
Courtland 200playground_courtlandCourtlandCourtlandShelter
Features a main play unit, twp part swing set with an inclusive swing, horseshoe pit and two picnic shelters with grills. Across the street is a Bird Sanctuary, located at 1101 Courtland Avenue., which provides a peaceful, shady spot for lunch.

Glendale Park
328 Roanoke Street  DIRECTIONS
Features a main play unit, four swings and a half court for basketball.

H.K. Griggs Park
400 Marcellus Place  DIRECTIONS
HK Griggs One30griggs
Features a main play unit, one basketball court (or 4 half courts) and two picnic shelters (the Clay Slade Shelter and the Hoy Isaac Shelter) with grills.

Jaycee Park
2010 South Scales Street  DIRECTIONS 
Jaycee 5Jc4Jc 2JC 3JC 1
Features a main play unit, three basketball courts, two picnic shelters and volleyball area (with net) and an access point for a greenway trail.

Jaycee Ball Park
125 Jaycee Park Road  DIRECTIONS
jaycee_park1Jaycee 4
Jaycee Park
Features three lighted ball fields (Jaycee #1, Jaycee #2 and Brookside), eight lighted tennis courts and access point for greenway trail.

Oaks Park
640 Northwest Market Street  DIRECTIONS
Features a main play unit and an unlighted (no fence) practice ball field most suitable for t-ball or coach pitch.

Woodland Park
2212 Woodland Drive  DIRECTIONS
Includes a main play unit and a small picnic table in a shaded area.

Rockingham County School Facility Recreational Use 
"Playground equipment and walking/jogging tracks are open to the public for responsible use after school hours until dusk, during the weekdays and on weekends and holidays from dawn to dusk"

The following schools/facilities are within a reasonable walking, bicycling or driving distance from downtown Reidsville.

Monroeton Elementary School
8081 US Hwy 158  DIRECTIONS
Features a four section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground and two fitness play station areas.

Moss Street Elementary School
419 Moss Street  DIRECTIONS
Features a three section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground and two fitness play station areas.

South End Elementary Elementary School
1307 South Park Drive  DIRECTIONS
South End 4SouthEnd1
Features a two section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground, a small playground and one fitness play station area.

Williamsburg Elementary School
Williamsburg Swings
Features a three section swing set, a walking/jogging track, a large playground, a fitness play station area and a separate slide.

Rockingham County and Reidsville HS/Middle Schools
Reidsville High School  1901 S Park Dr           DIRECTIONS 
Reidsville Middle School  1903 S. Park Drive  DIRECTIONS
Rockingham County High School  180 High School Rd  DIRECTIONS
Rockingham County Middle School   182 High School Road  DIRECTIONS                    

You may utilize their walking/jogging tracks.