The Teen Center

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506 Sprinkle Street

(336) 634-0574

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The Reidsville Teen Center opened in October of 2004. This Parks & Recreation program serves area youth ages 10-16. Established through grants from the NC Governor's Crime Commission and the Reidsville Area Foundation, the Center's purpose is to provide a safe and positive environment for youth to learn, recreate and socialize.

History of the Center

In the summer of 2002, City leaders met with a group of teens at the Reidsville YMCA to discuss the problems facing them in Reidsville. The group unanimously agreed that many area youth who were not involved in athletics have nothing to do after school, on weekends and in the summer. It was concluded that many of these young people turn to the streets and often get involved with drugs and crime. The group recommended that a youth center be established in Reidsville to combat the problem.

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The Teen Center charges no membership fees and is open to all Reidsville youth ages 10-16. Registration is available at the Teen Center any time the facility is open. The current membership enrollment is over 180 and still growing. 


The current hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday    -- 4-8 p.m.
  • Saturday                        -- 12-8 p.m.

Programs Offered

Many different programming components make up this innovative program. The Homework Assistance Program offers our members with the opportunity to receive individual help with schoolwork during the difficult education transition that this group faces.

Specialized programs offered include but not limited to:  Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Anger Management, Gang Awareness, and Bicycle Safety.  These programs are specifically targeted to address issues facing the Reidsville area.

Recreation/Mentoring is offered on a daily basis. This core component allows members the chance to interact with staff and peers while participating in a wide variety of recreational activities.

Teen Wellness/Prevention is also part of the nightly Teen Center experience. Staff and members discuss a wide variety of teen topics, including drug abuse, teen pregnancy, race relations and pertinent subjects. These sessions also provide information on where to get help with difficult problems that may require a health care professional.

The center also offers special events such as:  field trips, holiday parties, and cook-outs.
All of these programs are free for members.