Business Service Requests

The Reidsville Police Department provides services to the businesses in Reidsville such as  Security Escorts, Funeral Escorts, Special Attention Checks, Trespass Agreements, Peddling/Soliciting Permits and Private Security

  • The Police Department provides security escort services for businesses. To request a security escort within the City of Reidsville, contact the Communications Center at 336-349-1010.
  • The Police Department provides funeral escort services at no cost for any funeral home within the City or a funeral procession passing through the City. To request a funeral escort, contact the Communications Center at 336-349-1010.
  • The Police Department provides Special Attention services for businesses within the City that have concerns about criminal activity in or around their business. To request special attention at a specific location, contact the on duty supervisor with the Reidsville Police Department at 336-349-1010. The area will be checked periodically as service demands permit, and it will be documented in the Communications Database. The Police Department provides Trespass Agreements to businesses with complaints about individuals trespassing on their property. The owner or manager of a business may sign a Trespass Agreement, which authorizes officers with the Reidsville Police Department to act as their agent for the purpose of enforcing the trespass laws. To complete a Trespass Agreement, obtain a form from the Reidsville Police Department or print a form from the link. Complete the entire form, have it notarized, and present the form to the Communications Center on the first floor of the Reidsville Police Department located at 220 West Morehead Street.  Click here for Trespass Agreement 
  • Peddler/Solicitor permits. The Police Department will check on any door-to-door sales activity within the Reidsville City Limits. Anyone wishing to peddle or solicit within the City should contact the City of Reidsville Finance Department at 336-349-1030 to determine if a permit is required. Permits can be obtained through the Finance Department located on the first floor of City Hall, 230 West Morehead Street. Peddlers/Solicitors will be required to complete a form and be fingerprinted by the Reidsville Police Department. See the Fingerprinting section for fingerprinting instructions or click on this LINK.