Child Response Initiative (CRI)

Rockingham County Child Response Initiative provides services for children who have experienced trauma, particularly as a result of violence or crime in their home or neighborhood, but also as a result of house fire, motor vehicle accident or other traumatic event.  With the coordinated commitment of Law Enforcement and Rockingham County Youth Services, Rockingham County is addressing the consequences of violence and trauma among children and families, and minimizing the multigenerational cycle of violence. 

Rockingham County Child Response Initiative is funded by a grant from the NC Governor’s Crime Commission.  Services are provided at no cost to families.  When children experience trauma and/or violence, they become sad, worried, angry, frightened or withdrawn.  Although reactions vary, children may have: 

  • Trouble sleeping or falling asleep
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks or unwanted memories of the event
  • Problems concentrating or paying attention
  • Difficulty getting along with family or friends
  • An increase or decrease in appetite
  • Immature behaviors
  • Regression in skills (bedwetting, clinging, thumb sucking, etc)
  • Angry outbursts
  • Avoidance of people, places and things that remind them of the event
  • Nervousness or startling easy
  • Withdrawing from family, friends or favorite activities
  • Feeling sad, guilty, hopeless or lonely

If you need more information or you would like to make a referral, please call  336-362-9351.

Amy B. Land, Coordinator/Advocate
Rockingham  County Child Response Initiative