Citizen Service Requests

The Reidsville Police Department provides services to the citizens of Reidsville such as Residential Keep Checks, Special Attention Checks and Trespass Agreements.
  • The Police Department provides residential keep checks for citizens who are away from home or who request that the police keep a periodic check on their property. These checks are performed at various hours of the day as work demands permit. To request a Residential Keep Check, please complete the attached Residential Keep Check Form and present it to the Communications Center on the first floor of the Reidsville Police Department located at 220 West Morehead Street. This service will be in effect for 14 consecutive days and then must be renewed to be continued.  Click Here for Residential Keep Check Form  Submit the completed Residential Keep Check Form to the Communications Center at the Reidsville Police Department.
  • The Police Department provides Special Attention Programs for citizens who have concerns about criminal activity in specific areas. To have a special attention in a specific area activated, contact the on duty supervisor with the Reidsville Police Department at 336-349-1010. The area will be checked periodically and documented in the Communications Database.
  • The Police Department provides Trespass Agreements to citizens with complaints or concerns about individuals trespassing on their property. By signing a Trespass Agreement, one authorizes officers with the Reidsville Police Department to act as their agent for the purpose of enforcing the trespass laws. To obtain a Trespass Agreement, click on the link. Click here for Trespass Agreement   Submit the completed and notorized Trespass Agreement Form to the Communications Center at the Reidsville Police Department.