Nuisance, Junked & Abandoned Vehicles

The Reidsville Police Department in coordination with the City of Reidsville’s Code Enforcement Section, address “Quality of Life” issues within the city limits.  Nuisance, junked or abandoned vehicles can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats and other pests.  The department will tag offending vehicles and notify the property owner that a vehicle on his/her property is in violation of City Ordinance (Chapter 17, Traffic, Article IV, Division 2 – Abandoned, Nuisance and Junked Motor Vehicles).  A letter is sent to the property owner for voluntary compliance to remove the vehicle or bring it into compliance.  A 10-day due process period is given before the vehicle is towed by the police department.  Please contact the Captain of the Community Policing Division at 336-347-2312 with any questions pertaining to these related vehicles.

rusty truck