Payment of Fines and Fees

Fines for parking tickets, animal control violations and/or fees for impounded vehicles may be paid at the City Finance Department located at the Reidsville City Hall at 230 W. Morehead Street.  The following  fine or fee schedule is subject to change:

Parking tickets

General Parking Violations - $ 10.00

Fire Lane Violations - $25.00

(Fines not paid by the deadline indicated on the parking ticket will subject the violator to being prosecuted in district court).

Animal control violations

$85.00 per animal running at large (To pickup an animal, the receipt obtained from the City Finance Department must be presented to personnel at the Animal Shelter in Wentworth).

(Other animal control violation fees and fines may apply)

Impounded vehicle

To claim an impounded vehicle:

  • Contact the Detective Lieutenant to ascertain the actual towing fee for the impounded vehicle and show proof of ownership.
  • Pay the towing fee at the Collections window at the City Finance Department.  Obtain a receipt of payment.
  • Meet the Detective Lieutenant as instructed to claim the impounded vehicle.