The Material Drop-Off Center

(Reidsville City Residents Only)

709 Marcellus Street

(336) 349-1070

LATEST UPDATE AS OF NOVEMBER 13, 2020: The City's transfer station and Material Drop-Off Center is currently operating weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Until further notice, the Drop-Off Center will be closed on Saturdays.

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 15, 2020: Due to limited staff in the Solid Waste Division, the City's transfer station and Material Drop-Off Center will be closed until further notice. Citizens can still take items to the Rockingham County Landfill. Please check the Rockingham County website for hours and other information on the landfill.

LATEST UPDATE ON HOURS OF OPERATION: Due to Governor Cooper's extension of Phase 2 of the State's re-opening and because of fiscal responsibility, both related to COVID-19, the Material Drop Off Center will be closed on Saturdays at least through Saturday, July 25, 2020. Currently the Center will continue to be open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Citizens can still take advantage of the Rockingham County Landfill, 281 Shuff Road, Madison, which is open Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. until 12 noon, and can be reached at 336-427-4789.

Please deposit materials in the proper containers as marked and do not leave any items that do not have a designated container.  We are counting on you to help us keep this area clean.

Televisions & Computer Equipment

In July of 2010, the State of North Carolina banned televisions and computer equipment from being disposed in landfills due to the containment of toxic materials. Computer equipment includes the following: computers (laptop and desktop), monitors, printers & scanners. As an additional service since 2012, City residents may bring these items to the Reidsville Material Drop-Off Center during normal business hours.

In addition, many retailers and electronics manufacturers operate their own recycling programs and can be contacted individually for more information.

Construction & Remodeling Waste (Building Materials): This self-service container is intended for small scale remodeling jobs performed by the residents of the property, NOT contractors or commercial builders. The following items are NOT ALLOWED (due to landfill restrictions):

  • No liquids, paints or fluids of any kind
  • No pressure cylinders (gas grill) or canisters
  • No motors, engines or car parts
  • No hazardous wastes or filters
  • No metal objects
  • No batteries
  • No tires
  • No masonry
  • No TVs or computers
  • No cardboard
  • No yard waste
  • No asbestos
  • No earth or dirt
  • No furniture or carpet

Oil:  Used motor oil can be recycled and should never be dumped down the storm drain, which pollutes our water.  Put the oil in clean plastic containers for easy pouring into the waste oil tank at the Reidsville Material Drop-Off Center. The City will accept used cooking oil and grease as well as used motor oil filters.


VOLUNTARY CURBSIDE RECYCLING -- As of June of 2019, Waste Management no longer offers voluntary curbside recycling offered directly to Reidsville residents. The City is currently looking at other options.   (see press release)

UPDATE: With Waste Management’s recent decision to no longer provide this service to Reidsville City residents, the City has negotiated with Foothill Waste Solutions to offer a voluntary curbside recycling service for our citizens. However, a minimum of 400 Reidsville City residents must sign up prior to September 10, 2019 directly with Foothill Waste Solutions before the curbside recycling option can be offered. Curbside recycling cannot be offered by Foothill if less than 400 Reidsville citizens subscribe to this service. Subscribers will be charged $9.50 per month and you will be billed quarterly. Glass will not be collected by Foothill. To subscribe to this service or to learn more about it, call Foothill Waste Solutions at (336) 871-4055. (see updated press release)

LATEST UPDATE: Congratulations Reidsville! You did it! You surpassed the 400-subscriber goal to get voluntary curbside recycling by the November 15, 2019 deadline! Foothill Waste Solutions will be contacting you and service should start January 1, 2020 for those who called in. If you haven't signed up and want the service, you can still call Foothill Waste Solutions at 336-871-4055.

If you have signed up for voluntary curbside recycling with Foothill, please see the calendar provided by Foothill to remind you for pickup dates throughout 2021. If you haven't signed up, you still can by contacting Foothill directly at (336) 871-4055.