Welcome to Projects Update!

     In January 2014, Reidsville citizens will begin seeing activities around the City that are associated with the City's renewed emphasis on the rehabilitation of the City's water and sewer infrastructure. Engineering and planning efforts are currently under way for improvements to the City's sanitary sewer collection system, water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant and water treatment plant.
     Reidsville's water and sewer infrastructure is the most valuable public asset. The replacement value of the approximately 106 miles of sanitary sewers in the City and 94 miles of water lines is about 1 billion dollars. The City's 7.5 mgd wastewater treatment plant would likely cost in the neighborhood of 30 million dollars to build today and the City's 9 mgd water plant, 36 million dollars.
     Much of the City's water and sewer lines have been in service now for as long as 70 years or more. In addition, portions of the wastewater plant, constructed in 1956, are now 57 years old and the water plant, constructed in 1978, is now 35years old.
     The need for these systems to operate correctly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, requires the efforts of dedicated maintenance staff as well as ongoing investment to repair and replace portions that have reached the end of their life cycle.
     Projects Update is a way for us to keep our customers informed as to what the status of the various projects are, provide information and explanations regarding the function of the system and detail some of the operational challenges encountered daily by the operators of the system.