Stormwater and Watersheds


A watershed is an area of land whereHaw River Basin the stormwater drains into a common body of water, such as a stream or lake.  Everyone lives in a watershed.   Over half of Reidsville is in the Haw River Basin.  The Haw River begins north of Kernersville and flows through the Piedmont Triad into Lake Reidsville and eventually into Jordan Lake.  Jordan Lake is one of the State's largest tourist attractions that also serves as a municipal drinking water source for Cary, Pittsboro and other municipalities in central North Carolina.  Roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and rooftops are all made of impervious surfaces.  These surfaces do not allow rainwater to soak into the ground where it is naturally filtered and deposited into our groundwater.  This causes flooding and nonpoint source pollution or stormwater runoff.  Nonpoint source pollution is caused when rainwater washes over the surface, collecting fertilizer and pesticides, motor oil, dog waste and other pollutants.  Nonpoint source pollution is difficult to address because it doesn't just come from one place which requires all jurisdictions in the Jordan Lake Watershed to be responsible for cleaning up the Jordan Lake.  As of 2009, the legislation known as the "Jordan Lake Rules" requires all communities in the Haw River Basin to reduce nutrient inputs to Jordan Lake. 

By August, 2012, the City of Reidsville is mandated by the Jordan Lake Rules to implement stormwater regulations pertaining to new development in the Jordan Lake Watershed.   As a result, the City will be adopting the Stormwater Program and Ordinance for New Development in the Jordan Lake Watershed.

Groundwater FlowAdditionally, Lake Reidsville serves as the drinking water source for Reidsville and is in the Troublesome Creek Watershed.  The City implements the Water Supply Watershed Protection Ordinance for properties which are also within the Troublesome Creek Waterhed.

For more information on the Stormwater and Watershed Ordinances pertaining to Reidsville, please contact the Community Development Department.  

The City of Reidsville has partnered with Stormwater SMART to do public education and outreach.  Please visit their site by selecting on this link.  


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