Reidsville officers wear body cameras

From the Reidsville Police Department:

Due to recent incidents in the country regarding the misconduct of police officers, it has been brought BodyCamerato our attention that some citizens believe that City of Reidsville Police Officers should wear body cameras. We would like to assure you that the Reidsville Police Department has been well aware of this, and our officers have been wearing body cameras since June of 2014. During a February 2014 meeting, Council members unanimously approved for the Police Department to purchase 54 body cameras.  In an article published by the Reidsville Review on June 25, 2014, it stated:

 “Two main reasons we purchased the body cameras is that it increases officer safety and reduces department liability,” Major Ronnie Ellison said. “Also, it can aid in case someone files a complaint. After downloading the
video, we will be able to see the interaction.”

“If someone complains falsely, the camera would certainly show that,” Sgt. M. Austin (who was one of the first officers to test the body cameras) said. “Also on the flip side of that, if the officer was in the wrong, it would show that as well.”

The Reidsville Police Department was the first in the tri-county area to purchase and deploy cameras for every officer. We are so appreciative of our City leaders in their support of our police officers. The City Council’s forward thinking allowed each officer within the department to be issued a body camera. Since the deployment of body cameras, every officer is required to wear and utilize these cameras on each call for service.  The use of these cameras has significantly increased officer accountability and protection of our citizens as well as for the officers.

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