"Operation Blue" starts June 13

     REIDSVILLE – As part of the Preventative and High Visibility Patrol-Glow Light Campaign, solid blue lights will be seen on most police cruisers as they patrol the city, the Reidsville Police Department announced on Wednesday, May 25.
     "Operation Blue" will start June 13, 2016.
     The corner LED lights, front and back on the car's light bar, will be on when the vehicle is in use. However, the department wants to remind the public that during an emergency or traffic stop, the entire light bar will flash as usual.
     "If an officer is pulling you over, the blue lights will be more active and you will see the flashing blue LED lights that the Reidsville Police marked police cars are equipped with," Brian Oakley, Reidsville Police Captain said.
     City police set the Preventive/High Visibility Patrol initiative, also called "Operation Blue," in response to some citizens’ perception of a lack of police presence. Chief Hassell said, "I believe we must take proactive steps to increase police visibility to our residents and visitors." It is a move by Chief Robert Hassell designed to make the marked patrol cars more visible to the public. Chief Hassell also said, "This is a method to further reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime, and strengthen the relationships we have with the community."
     The initiative will not cost taxpayers any extra money. The department has 14 vehicles already equipped with the blue light glow capability. The department will phase in more light bars as newer police cars hit the streets.