City to begin water system maintenance March 5

Learn more below about the City of Reidsville's plans to begin preventative maintenance on its water system. 

The City of Reidsville is planning a routine preventative maintenance service on our water distribution systems beginning Monday, March 5, 2018 and ending Monday, May 7, 2018. This process will involve a temporary switch from present chloramines to chlorine to optimize water quality in our distribution systems.

This will be the third time this periodic maintenance program has been performed since the City switched over to chloramines in 2011. The process change is strongly recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State to preserve water quality by ensuring persistent disinfection levels exist in the distribution system. Both chlorine and chloramines have been used safely in the United States for many years.

During these two months of transition, some customers may experience minor temporary taste and odor changes associated with their water. Once the free chlorine gets fully into the system, water users may be aware of the taste and smell of chlorine. This is normal and will not affect water quality.  When the maintenance process ends and the switchover back to chloramines occurs, the taste and smell of chlorine will simply disappear.

The City will be issuing a citywide CodeRED announcement just prior to the beginning of the maintenance process as a reminder to our customers. Water users may contact the Public Works Department at 349-1070 or the City’s Water Treatment Facility at 342-4002 if they have any questions.