City to flush water distribution system

     Beginning the week of September 10th, the City of Reidsville will undertake a project to flush the water mains of the public water distribution system.
     The City has retained the firm of HydroMax USA to perform unidirectional flushing (UDF) of the system, which is designed to rid those lines of sediment and other minerals that can discolor Reidsville’s water.
     The City last performed a UDF of the system in the Fall of 2015.
     The goal of unidirectional flushing is to progressively flush the water system beginning at the point of entry for the water and working outwards to the edges of the system. This provides an efficient method of performing the work and helps prevent disturbed sediment from circulating through the system, thereby, minimizing discolored water episodes.
     In order to perform this work, the City has been divided into 14 zones to be flushed. Each zone will take multiple days to complete.
     Currently the City’s Public Works officials are awaiting the detailed flushing schedule from the contractor HydroMax. Once the schedule is in hand, the City of Reidsville will use door hangers to alert the residents as to when these activities will be occurring in their neighborhoods. Details will also be made available on the City’s website,
      It is anticipated that the flushing will run through mid-October.
     Please note that local discoloration may occur in the zones being flushed. However, once a zone has been flushed, there should be minimal customer service issues as the project is completed. While the flushing is going on in their area, residents should check their water for any discoloration before doing laundry.
     For additional information, please contact City of Reidsville Project Engineer Richard Vaughn at 336-347-2316.