Watch out for this Scam!

The Reidsville Police Department has been notified that citizens are receiving ScamAlertcalls from people claiming to be with the Reidsville Police Department. The caller will then go on to say that the call recipient’s bank accounts will be frozen and legal action taken against them if they do not send money. Please be aware that THIS IS A SCAM! No law enforcement agency will call and demand money to avoid having bank accounts frozen or to avoid arrest.

As a reminder, do not give out any personal information, money, gift card numbers, etc. to anyone over the phone. If you are receiving scam calls, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-566-7226 to file a complaint. However, if you have given any personal information over the phone and believe you have been scammed, please contact the Reidsville Police Department at 336-349-1010 or contact your local police department.