Download "Reidsville Connect" App

          In 2013, the City of Reidsville launched “Reidsville Connect,” the civic engagement tool which allows our residents to stay in touch with the City. Through this new, easy-to-use service, you have access to important City information, can submit service requests, report issues and track your requests online and via your cell phones.

          This free app is powered by PublicStuff, a CRM software company..

          “Any use of technology that allows us to provide services to our citizens more effectively is exciting for Reidsville,” said Reidsville City Manager Michael J. Pearce.

          Here is how it works: If a citizen sees something that needs to be fixed like a pothole, a broken street sign or light, he or she can submit a service request and even a photo via their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device or online via the City website, or the PublicStuff website at City staff will receive the request and resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. These requests can also be done anonymously if the person doesn’t want to leave their name, but the citizen can track the progress via the website.

          The app can also be used to provide relevant information on local events, emergency alerts and more.

          So, how do you download the app? Citizens with an iPhone can go to the Apple Store while Android device users can go to Google Play. Just look for the Reidsville City Seal or key in “Reidsville” or “Reidsville Connect.” For Android users, if they need to enlarge text on their mobile device, they should just “double tap” the screen.

Go to Community, then "Reidsville Connect" to access it via our website.