Courtesy Listing of Available Downtown Properties

Settle Street / Market Sq 

 For Sale:
Two buildings in prime location
facing Market Square
112, 114 Settle St.              
116 Settle Street
$75,000                                   Contact:Steve Moore                        
Phone: 336-432-8880


301 sw market

For Sale or Rent:     
301 S.W. Market St. 
8,650-sq-ft. ground floor               
South end of bldg.
available for Rent                               
Contact: Gene Leggett


101 - 1-5 s scales
For Sale or Rent:
101-105 S. Scales St                             
4,543-sq-ft. ground floor,     

2 stories                                        
Contact: John Hester                      
Ph: 804-275-1918                         
Potential Use: Street level retail,
upper floor residential

 217 S Scales  
For Sale:
217 S. Scales St.                     
2,700 Sq ft                               
Contact: Bob Tudor                          

Ph: 336-342-6770

 dr almond

For Sale:
234 Settle St.                             
1512 Sq ft ground floor    
ontact: Carol Arnold 


 Stone Front  
For Sale or Rent:
111 S. Scales St.                         
2,160-Sq ft ground floor            
$81,000 or $1,000 per month        
Contact: Nadar Hamidpour  
Ph:336-632-3050 or 336-707-3622

230 S Scales
For Sale:
230 S Scales St                       
3,168 Sq ft                          

Contact: Sheila Samuels            

Ph: 336-432-5975

 218 SW Market
For Sale:
218 SW Market St                   
5,405 Sq ft ground floor         

Mostly open to the ceiling;
small storage at upper floor windows  

Contact: Bob Tudor              


 206 swmarket
For Sale or Rent:
206, 208 & 210 SW Market St            
Sq ft varies                        

Contact: Chris Miller           



Front of building above

Broadnax Main St For Sale:                                        
112 S. Main St                               
2355 sq ft                                      
Price - Negotiable                   
Contact: Robert Broadnax              
Ph: 336-342-9886  OR   
 Barbara Moore

For Sale:
311 S. Main St                             
Zoned Downtown Business $100,000                                           Contact:Barbara Moore                        
Ph: 336-349-2995

 India s

For Sale:                                        
213 Gilmer St                                   
509 Sq ft                           $35,000                                    
Contact: India Cox                          
Ph: 336-280-4433